iPhone 7 in 2020 – Should this be your daily driver?

You must be confused why the f**k am I reviewing the iPhone 7, that too, in the year 2020. Pretty late, right? Well, I’ll explain that later, and will link the explanation somewhere here. Meanwhile, let’s start with the review of the Matte Black iPhone 7 . Quick Note (before starting) This was supposed to…

Candid Event Photography

I have been practicing candid photography since the past six years for family gatherings including engagements, weddings, & anniversaries. Click here to view my photos.

the fourth wall

The Fourth Wall – How I Break It

After Ryan Reyolds starred in Deadpool, almost everyone is aware of the character and its ability to break the fourth wall having humorous conversations with the viewers. What is the fourth wall and why am I talking about it. (Let’s take these questions serially) What is the fourth wall? It is a space which separates a performer…

the anti-snapchat squad

The Anti-Snapchat Squad

In light of recent events, Rogi Ksantnath (pronounced रोगी संतनाथ) (because a silent K adds character to the name) has launched an anti-snapchat squad to protect the honor of our country. At a very recent interview, he said and I quote “This special task force is assigned to protect people from the harms caused by the social media generation who have…

drops on a windowpane

The Awakening

A few drops on my windowpane took me down that memory lane when I thought of past and lived in pain an eternity spent in vain don’t ask me, I can’t explain like a 3-D object stuck in a plane A mighty eagle in the sky I wonder what’s seen by the sharpest eye I…

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