The Anti-Snapchat Squad

The Anti-Snapchat Squad

In light of recent events, Rogi Ksantnath (pronounced रोगी संतनाथ) (because a silent K adds character to the name) has launched an anti-snapchat squad to protect the honor of our country.

At a very recent interview, he said and I quote “This special task force is assigned to protect people from the harms caused by the social media generation who have become self-aware and far more intellectual at a very early age in contrast with the earlier generations. If this is the path we choose, a 60-year-old will soon be outsmarted by a five-year-old. And this might bring a technological, social, and a political revolution in the country.”

There are speculations that this has been witfully played by Mark Zuckerburg, the present owner of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp, the companies who blatantly copied the concept from Snapchat by reverse engineering it. The politician arguably says that there is no social connection between him and Zuckerburg, and his friend request to the CEO of Facebook is still pending approval. However, the social media pundits are pretty confident that the pending request is just a public front for their deep rooted plan to overthrow Snapchat, which they are now calling as Operation Mockingbird. One of the famous twitter influencer, who has 531 gazillion followers has a unique insight towards this subject. In a lot more than 140 characters, she tweeted this.

I don’t think these are two independent ideas. People are more inclined towards adapting an idea rather than having their own. And when they willfully play with the stolen concept, they try to privatize and protect it by taking credits for it. It is pretty obvious that we are conditioned to learn from people and steal their ideas. And we are always inclined to take attribution for the work others do, especially when we can publically claim it as our original idea. But we forget the underlying concept, even if we steal Einstein’s working manual and publish it as our own, people will eventually know that you were not behind those experiments and that it is not your intel. This is just Rogi Ksantnath stealing Mark’s idea rather than attributing it to him.cauliflower_k01

However, the document for anti-snapchat squad, which was recently made public has a very detailed structure to it. You can view one of the first leaked images of the document here. For better readability, we have transcribed the text in a comfortable list like reading format below.

  • Each team to consist of two policemen. Mostly one WhatsApp user and one Instagram user.
  • Two to Three teams to be deployed in the jurisdiction of one police station.
  • Number of teams deployed would depend on the number of youngsters in the area.
  • They will move around malls, cinemas, startups, where there are a large number of youngsters.
  • Their task is to identify Snapchat users sending stories to their loved ones.
  • They will move around as Instagram users and in some cases as Snapchat users.
  • The team would comprise of uneducated, illiterate, old lads dressed in Snapchat-like to-be-shooting dresses.
  • Anti Romeo Snapchat squad can let off these users with a warning, can inform parents (only those parents who know nothing about social media) and even initiate criminal action depending on the seriousness of the case.

The last point on the image of the document mentions Anti-Romeo Squad, which is totally an unheard concept. These are the minor things because of which there is still skepticism about the originality of the idea.

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