Akshay Rawat is an extraordinary homo sapien who came into existence when a single cell with two complete sets of 23 chromosomes started to multiply in a supernatural way. Apart from his exceptional story of coming to life, there are certain things that he wanted to accomplish, which are listed below:

  1. Introduce himself as a third person on his personal website (to project that pseudo cool aura of his being).
  2. Write simple things in a complicated manner (to woo the readers and pretend to understand the greater joy for which everybody does so).

While the primary motive of making a home page was to write a sarcastic introduction of myself. But, since you are already here (click on it to understand what recursion is), I kind of owe you an honest introduction (that will help a lot with my page traffic! Just Kidding! Am I?).

I think questions are a great way to build knowledge, and this knowledge is quintessential in understanding the reality we live. Be it the question about understanding an unknown abstract concept or understanding the variations of an already known species (talking about the variations in human psychology), this daily knowledge builds up and helps us in improving our experiences.

The most significant of all is the knowledge of yourself. Once we know this, we are in a better position to take the decisions that will help us in having a better experience of the world we live in.

Here are a few questions that I asked myself for writing this introduction. (It is an honest introduction, and I would be happy if you’d write back answering them)

who are you
Answer this and you will never have an existential crisis.

Who are you?

I am a curious soul in pursuit of curating creating my reality by exploring the horizons of art and science. I feel great design and architecture is at the heart centre of legendary things (the mathematician supersedes the biologist in me). On a regular day, I try to question every little thing and build my knowledge on empirical evidence rather than blindly accepting what others have to say. This habit has helped me greatly in not falling for the hoaxes that are circulated online (that’s just one of my skills).

What do you usually do?

I think, read, learn, travel, click pictures and write in that very particular order (as of December 2016). If you are in the guild, you can also see me eating ManJurgers (if you know what I mean).

Sometimes, I go back in time and try to think of why something happened rather than what happened. Let me know if you’ll be interested in a game like Counter-factuals.

Yeah, also I make memes, a lot. I am alive today only because of fun and pun.

I more often than not break the rules of writing. (like in this section, using single lines as multiple paragraphs.) If that makes me a rebel, so be it. 😎

What do you want to do?

For starters, I would want to lead a life much like Leonardo Da Vinci, or maybe the perception of his life that I have in mind.

How can I reach you?

It is really difficult to get hold of me (ask my friends and family about it). I am an active user on Facebook and Instagram. Apart from social media platforms, I try to check my e-mails every day.

You can email me by clicking here with a detailed description of the work (if it is work-related). Although I am least interested in small talks, but if you send a friend request on facebook, do add a personalised message. I think that’s a great way to start a friendship. At least it mimics an offline reason why we all become friends.

What is this website about?

It is just another milestone of my online footprint, where I will try to regularly post content which is centred around my experiments, self-given projects, my learnings, and a weblog of my thoughts. All the content (written posts, images, designs, etc) on this website will be curated and created by me. Any curation of content will be attributed to its original source.

While we are at this, the background image of this website is taken from the link here. (Since, the author is anonymous, don’t know if he’ll have a problem with me. BTW, I’ve never seen that guy.)

How important is metadata in real life?

Those of you who don’t know what Metadata is, just know that it simply means ‘data about data’. While I will write a detailed article and an analysis of the importance of metadata in near future. Right now, I just need you to know that it is usually the invisible side of the coin, the visible side being ‘data’. A very few people in the world understand the importance of metadata. It is so much important that I created a subdomain (geek alert) for understanding the metadata from my posts.

You can visit this link by clicking here.

Are you a Grammar Nazi?

If given a space of 1000 words, I can try to explain what I feel and I can probably write a go-to manual if the limit is exceeded to 2000. I’ll write something on it. For the time being, visit this link and learn more about the words prescriptivism and descriptivism. I’ll pen my thoughts on it and post the link here once I am finished with it.


Let me know if there is any other question you want to ask.