Feelings (of friendzone)

Feelings (of friendzone)

I thought feelings were mutual,
we made each other laugh like it was ritual
you comforted me, I got habitual
you were nucleus, & I electron, moving orbitual

Then something happened to me,
I locked myself out and gave you the key
you held my hand, only to flee

And obviously, it wasn’t your fault,
I opened up and showed you my vault
cos your presence made me gestalt
quite possible, I was drunk on single malt

Feelings, they trick me all the time
they tell me, you make me feel sublime
I come closer, they say, it’s a crime
they drop my self-worth from dollar to dime

I’ll take a step back, it’s not easy as breeze
don’t want to end up a drone in this story of bees
and here, let me put you at ease
we’ll be best friends, geez!!


Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay