The Awakening

The Awakening

A few drops on my windowpane
took me down that memory lane
when I thought of past and lived in pain
an eternity spent in vain
don’t ask me, I can’t explain
like a 3-D object stuck in a plane

A mighty eagle in the sky
I wonder what’s seen by the sharpest eye
I lit it up, and let my thoughts fly
I now look down through the highest high
and what I see will make you cry
the world is out there to dry
masquerading itself in a fucking lie

A ray of light through a window shone
burning bright like sun’s own clone
melted rocks and everything written on stone
asked me to leave my comfort zone
I started once again, this time all alone
and now I wear my own cologne

What I know now is not known to books
I talk about it, they’ll give me the looks
dressed as gods are these effing crooks
chaining the world in a deadlock of hooks
they counter my wisdom with their pretty books
not knowing it’s written by gnarly cooks

I tried to struggle and I tried to survive
like a butterfly stuck in a beehive
I put the bad memories in an archive
I learned to let go and I felt alive
an open sky with an internal drive
to fly like a gannet, not afraid to dive

my own equations of life, I derive
to myself, while giving a high-five

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