iPhone 7 in 2020 – Should this be your daily driver?

You must be confused why the f**k am I reviewing the iPhone 7, that too, in the year 2020.

Pretty late, right?

Well, I’ll explain that later, and will link the explanation somewhere here. Meanwhile, let’s start with the review of the Matte Black iPhone 7 .

Quick Note (before starting)

This was supposed to be a video, but due to time constraints and my perfectionist attitude, I’ve converted the script I wrote into this blog post, and since the constraint is to review it in approx 250 words, this is going to be very concise.
also, no specifications, since you can easily find them on GSM arena or Mr. Phone.

the review begins

I’m reviewing the silver iPhone 6S, which was launched way back in 2015, and I got it for a good deal in July 2016.


Four years later, iPhone 7 has that premium touch which still feels unbeatable. This is because of its aluminum unibody build. The phone feels light and is easy to hold. The finger travels comfortably from edge to edge of the screen. The Touch ID is probably the fastest to date and takes no time to unlock the phone.

I’ve switched to Android, but shooting videos is hands-down the best thing you can do on an iPhone, and that holds true for the iPhone 7 as well. The taptic engine provides the best vibration feedback. Period.

It houses 2 gigs of RAM and runs smoothly to date, which makes me appreciate the artistic optimization at its core. Lastly, the fact that it is an iPhone and connects seamlessly in the Apple ecosystem is probably the reason why I would still use it in 2020.


In the day & age of bezel-less phones, it’s ~65% screen to body ratio almost feels a decade old (it’s not, but it feels that way). The bezels for Touch ID and camera are massive and look redundant now. In 2020, when even the budget phones are coming with an OLED panel, an IPS LCD display looks like a thing of the past.

The low light photos are by far the worst when compared to any other phone you pick in 2020.
Today, where phones have massive batteries and can fast-charge the battery significantly in 15 minutes, the iPhone is ridiculously slow.

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